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Do you find yourself asking any of these questions:

  • Where did our creativity go?

  • How do we rediscover the joy of innovation?

  • How do we harness the skills and insights of our whole population, not just the normal go-to problem solvers?

  • How do we become comfortable with constant change?

  • How do we create open communications, both internally and with our clients and customers?

  • How do we replace judgement with curiosity?

  • How do we evolve our culture to be more inclusive and so that everyone feels valued and no one feels threatened?

  • How do we become leaders in our field?

  • Can we have a happy, resilient organisation and remain productive and profitable?

  • Feel you need help with how you lead teams or that an executive coach might help?

Simplicity in Mind can help you answer these questions, empowering you to step through change with ease.  We work on anything from one to one sessions with individuals, small focused projects, tackling a specific topic, through to larger programmes of work that can transform your team or organisation.


Every organisation is different, with it's own issues and challenges.  While the core content of my offering follows my understanding of the Three Principles, I have discovered that it is best to discuss what goals you have and tailor the offering to suit your requirements, timeframe and budget.


Simplicity in Mind has worked with clients ranging from Virgin Money to  the British Army.  If any of this sounds interesting please contact me or book a call using the links below.

client stories

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"Dave shared his own experiences of facing really difficult times but also how he worked through issues in a logical way. If you've done everything you can, then what is there to worry about? If you're ever the sort of person who lies awake thinking about things that you can't influence at 3am, then I recommend listening to Dave's talks."


Keith Rhodes – Head of Financial Risk

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“I was working on a high profile project where I was responsible for delivering complex solutions within tight deadlines. The challenges of responsibility and pressure to deliver often got the better of me.  I got talking to Dave during the moments of extreme pressure to offload generally.


Dave offered a calm ear with unbiased, non-judgemental advice or related experiences to lend some perspective to the issues I faced.  This enabled me to refocus my efforts to the tasks, bringing each item to a successful conclusion. 


Since then, I've spoken to Dave about areas of my personal life, where again the approach he's exposed me to, has resulted in a better understanding of the decisions I take.”


MD, Financial Services Consultant, London

"Every time I hear Dave speak I learn something new.  His authentic, personal and natural narrative is so powerful and simply helps you to be in the moment and cut through the fog of unhelpful thoughts that can hold you back without you even realising it. Dave’s sessions generated so much valuable feedback within Virgin Money, we immediately shared his sessions with the wider Virgin Group.  I would listen to Dave everyday if I could."


Helena Wood – Diversity & Inclusion Advisor – Virgin Money

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“I first sounded Dave out for some in-depth conversations on the back of a thought leadership piece Dave wrote and socialised within our organisation, as we both share a common interest in the human experience and mental wellbeing.

When circumstances changed in my life and I had a number of different prioritises and challenges to face down simultaneously, I sounded out Dave again for more in-depth conversations.

From our discussions, the first thing which struck me is that Dave listens; he is non-judgemental and brings a natural curiosity to the conversation. Dave also draws from his own experience and a lot of what he said resonated with me and helped me figure out the things I had been wrestling with.


It is rare to see someone as passionate about their field as Dave is, he has found his calling and I think everyone would take value from talking to Dave.”


Peter S, Financial Services Change Professional, Edinburgh


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