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private clients

Do you find yourself:


  • Worrying about your mental health and wellbeing?

  • Feeling anxious and unable to cope?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, sped up and out of control?

  • Struggling with relationships at home or at work?

  • Wishing for some peace of mind or clarity of thought?

  • Struggling to know which way to turn?

  • Think executive coaching might be helpful but don't know where to start?


If so, I can help. Simplicity in Mind has a proven track record of helping people navigate through difficult and challenging times of their lives.


Thanks to the Zoom age I have been able to work with individuals across the globe.  I am happy to work with whatever medium works best for you; be that some form of online video call, telephone or face to face.

Together we can build a relationship based on trust and plan how to take things forward for you to find peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more please get in touch with me or book a free call via the book now ink below.

client stories

“I met Dave when introduced by a mutual friend as I was looking for advice as to a mentoring role for veterans I was considering.

His approach and advice were both open, encouraging and helped dismantle the fear I had somehow built up around the role and my ability to help and contribute.

The ability to speak simply, honestly and with integrity and authenticity are rare and Dave has these in spades. He has been a great help to me for which I thank him for.”


Lucy, Senior Financial Services Asset Manager, London


"I worked with Dave to advance my understanding of the Three Principles ideas and to get a bit of a 'reality check' after a challenging prior 6 months.  Dave is a very grounded guy and speaks frankly about his experiences and isn't afraid to ask questions.


I would absolutely recommend Dave to anyone who has any interest in the Three Principles or just wants a refreshing and open discussion about life and everything."  


G, Major Financial Institution, UK

“I always remember David explaining that we are not our thoughts and that basically the more we try to fight them the worst it can feel.  They [thoughts] will just pass. 


I used to work with David and in a period when a member of my family had a difficult time, he explained how I can be a better support.  This was really useful and I believe it helped me to get through a very difficult period.  I am very grateful for David’s words.”


N. Ruiz, Project Manager, Cali, Colombia

"During a period of uncertainty in my life, I reached out to Dave after viewing his website. I was keen to speak to someone with a background in the three principles, which I had been exploring at the time. 


My conversations with Dave were helpful as it helped me come away from the noise in my mind, and recognise that things did not need to be so complicated. Dave often pointed me in a direction where things appeared so much simpler. It helped me to feel more positive and have more trust in my own wisdom."

Nikki, Scotland

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