Since 2013 I have been supporting former Riflemen that have worked for me, or who have been directed to me through word of mouth.  Since the first call I received I have looked to do what I can to help, in whatever form that has taken.  Over the years that offering has grown and that is how Simplicity in Mind came in to being; to raise money by delivering a service that then creates opportunity in the form of time to give back to fellow veterans.

I will not charge veterans for the service I provide, so please get in touch if you like what you have seen on this site.  While my heart is drawn to helping fellow Riflemen, I am fully aware that the need is much broader.  So whatever your military background, if you would like to get in touch to understand how I work please follow the link below.

I have a few ideas that are currently coming together:

  • Missing in Action - I co-host a Zoom based monthly call where we can discuss ideas and share what we have been seeing differently (there will be no need for anyone to share anything they are uncomfortable with and no-one will ever be put on the spot to contribute.  If you are more comfortable listening you don't even need to put your video on)

  • Missing Link for Veterans - Access a free set of recordings hosted on YouTube of a book called the Missing Link by Sydney Banks.  I jointly recorded with Dr Bill Pettit, Judy Sedgeman and two other veterans, Brad Gallup from the US and Ofer Meyer from Israel.

Take care and please know that however hard things feel right now, you are not alone, it will get better and there is always hope.  You have got this...