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I have been helping veterans with their mental health since I left the Army in 2013. Simplicity in Mind developed from this work and I am now a fulltime coach. I offer free coaching for veterans and have helped dozens struggling with Post Traumatic Stress and suicidal thoughts. Get in touch if this sounds of interest to you.


I have several projects coming together:

  • Missing in Action - This is a collection of ideas.  I am co-authoring a not-for-profit book with the same title for veterans and first responders.  While Paul McCarty and I gather the content we decided to run a monthly call hosted on a Facebook live stream or Zoom call.  We also ran a free online conference in November 2021.  The content from the conference and the Facebook lives are freely available on YouTube.


  • Missing Link for Veterans - Access a free set of recordings hosted on YouTube of a book called the Missing Link by Sydney Banks.  I jointly recorded with Dr Bill Pettit, Judy Sedgeman and two other veterans, Brad Gallup from the US and Ofer Meyer from Israel.

Take care and please know that however hard things feel right now, you are not alone, it will get better and there is always hope.  You have got this...

client stories

“During a period of personal upheaval I reached out to Dave as a fellow Rifleman when I did not know where else to turn.  He provided me with an unbiased view of the turmoil I was experiencing and helped me to rationalise the thoughts and feelings that I was struggling to make sense of.  I am ever grateful for the time and guidance Dave gave to me during a difficult time in my life.
He continues to be a mentor and guide as well as a trusted friend, not only to me, but to many other Riflemen in need of support and advice.”
WO1 (Retired), RIFLES

“I have known Dave Hill for quite some time now, having been a Rifleman under his command between 2011 and 2013. During this period he was a massive help when I was going through some personal issues, which I felt I could not have dealt with by myself. 


In the summer of 2013 I was injured while serving in Afghanistan.  After my medical repatriation back to the UK, Dave was one of the first in the chain of command to visit me in hospital, which was great as I have a lot of respect for him.  He not only came to see me, but to also see my partner and offer her the same level of support that he offered me.


Due to the nature of my injury and my mental health, I was later medically discharged from the Army.  Dave continued to provided me with advice, support and a friendly face for me to talk to about how things were going with my recovery and advice with how to come to terms with not being a soldier any more.


Even though I’m no longer under his command, or a serving soldier, Dave still provides me with support and advice which makes me feel that I’ve not been forgotten.  I believe I have found a friend and mentor for life.


Not only is he easy to talk to and approachable, he is very compassionate and understanding.  While we have a soldier to soldier relationship, I can see that what he does would have a real impact in any organisation.”


Corporal, RIFLES

“I’ve known Dave now for many years. He was my platoon commander during my time serving in the Royal Green Jackets.  After I left we kept in touch and have been friends ever since.


Since leaving the Army I have suffered from depression and anxiety which has had a huge impact on my professional and personal life.


Dave has been without doubt the major difference in me getting to grips with this awful battle.  A constant source of encouragement and always willing to listen; Dave opened my eyes to the 3 Principles and how simple it can be to understand your thoughts and how you don’t have to listen to them.


By applying what he has learned and providing the vital source of human contact, I can hand on heart say that Dave has saved my life.”


Lance Corporal, RGJ

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