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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My name is Dave Hill, I am a registered Three Principles Practitioner having studied with One Thought (you can learn more about the Three Principles in this blog).

I have been fascinated by human interaction my whole life and been lucky to make connection with others quickly.  This ability served me well as a British Army Officer for 17 years, and in a number of corporate roles, before deciding to work fulltime in this field in 2021.

My journey from infantry major to wellbeing coach was completely unintentional.  It started with one veteran calling from hospital, asking for help having been sectioned.  My sole desire, having heard his story, was to do my best to keep him alive… thankfully he still is.  What started as a part time venture to support friends has grown into full time role and this is why.

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One of the biggest things that stuck with me from day one at Sandhurst was its motto, “Serve to Lead”. It has been something I have tried to live by and have been inspired over the years by those who embody the motto in everything they do.  The work I do aims to change the view of wellbeing for everyone, but especially the military veteran and serving communities.

Stealing Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle to briefly explain what I’m up to:

Why – Simplicity in Mind exists to promote an understanding of innate wellbeing that resides in all of us, in order to allow people to live happy, healthy, creative and productive lives, despite the nature of their life circumstances.

How – By highlighting the simple truths that lie at the heart of what makes all human beings tick and pointing to an understanding focused on a clarity of mind that is always available to us.

What – By delivering mental wellbeing training and coaching to groups and individuals that empower them to support themselves, their families and their colleagues.

While my ongoing aim is to reduce veteran suicide, the lessons I have learned from helping people on the edge of existence has great relevance for businesses.  Our wellbeing as individuals does not sit in the neat bubbles of “work” and “home”, it’s actually just in one big bubble called “life”.  As more organisations realise that work forms part of life and it’s not a balance between the two, they start to see a positive and beneficial cultural shift.  That shift is towards collective wellbeing, with the knock-on effect of better performance; what the organisations are striving for in the first place.

My intent is to deliver bespoke services to corporate and private clients in the knowledge that by buying a service from me they will also be assisting the veteran community through my pro bono work; a corporate social responsibility pay-it-forward if you will (quantifiable for organisations’ CSR Reports).

While I receive a fee for helping Riflemen though my old Regiment - The RIFLES – and their Always a Rifleman Programme  and the charity Just RIFLES, I also support other veterans on a pro bono basis.

So what?  Societally we are far more aware of our collective mental health, how it affects us and those around us.  Unfortunately, we have a tendency to run and hide, or innocently think the problem is larger than it is.  I am determined to shift that view and empower people to help their family, friends and colleagues.  We can change the wellbeing landscape and we can all play our part.

 If this resonates with you, Simplicity in Mind is ready and able to support your organisation or you personally. By working with us you will be directly helping veterans and their families.  If this is of interest, please book a an introductory call.

I look forward to hearing from you, to sharing my understanding of these amazingly powerful Principles and in discovering new insights on a mutual journey of discovery!

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