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Missing Link for Veterans, but a project for all humanity

I have been lucky enough to work with four other wonderful human beings over the last couple of years. We came together around a common interest - a strong desire to reduce the mental suffering on veterans across the globe.

Over a two year period Dr Bill Pettit, Judy Sedgeman, Brad Gallup, Ofer Meyer and I met monthly on Zoom to record Sydney Banks' book, The Missing Link. It was a very simple idea - read the book and reflect after every couple of pages on what we saw and how that might be useful for suffering veterans to consider.

At the beginning of 2021 we had finished the recording and with the help and generous support of Paul McCarty who did a wonderful job with the video editing, we uploaded all twenty videos to YouTube so that they could be freely and anonymously accessed by anyone.

While we produced this content with veterans in mind, the subject matter and message is universal and could be of benefit to anyone, from any walk of life. If you think it would be helpful for others please feel free to share.

This link will take you to the YouTube playlist but this short extract read by Judy is a great taster of the whole project:

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