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Simplicity in Mind wins Health and Wellbeing Award at the SVA 2022

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

It’s exciting and humbling to be recognised by an awarding body for doing what you do, especially after only being in full time operation for 8 months.

On 27 April 2022 I attended the Scottish Veterans Awards in Edinburgh. It was amazing to be sitting with so many other veteran run organisations and to hear what they are up to across Scotland. While I knew that Simplicity in Mind had been nominated for an award, I did not expect us to be awarded the Gold for Health and Wellbeing.

Awards are not why any of us do what we do, but it does help highlight what we are all trying to achieve – namely that veterans are seen as valuable members of society that are able to continue to contribute for the good of all after their military service ends. It’s equally important that society understands this, but oddly more so that veterans see and believe that for themselves.

For as long as there is the innocent, but illusory belief that veterans are different from anyone else, there will be a false wall that hinders their access to support from anyone who hasn’t served. This innocent belief is held on both sides and is a common thing I hear from the people I work with; “I only seem to connect with other veterans”, “they don’t understand us”, “they can’t understand us without experiencing what we have” etc. The differences between two individuals is only an difference in collection of experiences and memories. The way those two individuals experience life is identical despite the physical circumstances. I work with people from any background from the ideas that unite us and start exploring from there.

I believe the work I do with veterans is hugely valuable. However, the work I do with organisations to help them learn the lessons of human experience and how that strengthens their individual and collective wellbeing and acts as a spring board for business growth… this is where I add the most value for veterans! Why? Because when the families and friends of veterans see that they can be of service to ANYONE, veterans included, we are likely to see a rapid shift in our collective wellbeing as a society and veteran wellbeing cannot fail to rise on that tide too.

If you are interested in anything I have said and would like to learn more, please drop me an email:

Details about the Scottish Veterans Awards, the categories and the other winners in 2022 can be found here.

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