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One year on... what an adventure!

Well I can’t quite believe how swiftly the last year has skipped by; how much I’ve learned about business, about service, about my clients, but mostly about myself.

When I announced that Simplicity in Mind was becoming a full time venture this time last year, I had little to no idea of where it would be at this point. Yes, I knew where I was starting from, I had an idea of what I would like to achieve, what my target market was, and an idea of where to go for help and advice. But did I know what would actually happen? No, I certainly did not.

Like most things in life there were conversations that whispered opportunities and came to nothing… or at least nothing yet. However, there have also been opportunities that popped up out of the blue which have been amazing; here’s a snapshot:

Looking back, I’ve gained clients from Edinburgh to New York. From a British retail bank to a start-up London based security company. I have spoken at the 3PUK Conference in London to hundreds of people attending, both in person and globally online. I co-organised and co-hosted a free online conference for veterans and first responders. Simplicity in Mind has also received recognition for its engagement in the military community in the form of the MoD’s Silver Award for the company’s pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant, as well as winning Gold for the Health and Wellbeing at the Scottish Veterans Awards.

While Simplicity in Mind has proved that it has value in the view of private clients and in the corporate world, the greatest achievement has been the amount of pro bono support delivered to the military the community I care so much about. During the last 12 months Simplicity in Mind has provided 200 hours of support to veterans and their families and another further 80 hours to a free Three Principles coaching platform called Heartfelt Presence… in total, the equivalent of 7 working weeks!

I am so proud of what Simplicity in Mind has managed to achieve in such a short period of time. I am so pleased that having the ambition to hold social value as the core driver for existing as a company is proving to be an attractive facet to Simplicity in Mind’s offer. I am hugely grateful to my clients for believing in that vision too; knowing that buying a service from me creates time for me to deliver a pro bono service to the military community.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey… let’s see what Simplicity in Mind can achieve in the next 12 months… there are some exciting prospects in the offing!

If you're interested in discovering how Simplicity in Mind could help you or your organisation, either email or book a call with my Calendly link.

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