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Armed Forces Covenant Pledge

Updated: May 27, 2022

Dave Hill and the Commanding Officer of 3 RIFLES

Today is a big day for me and for and for Simplicity in Mind. After 17 years in the British Army, 1 year with Amazon and 7 years with Abrdn I am now working for myself, doing something I love and hopefully helping people have a more comfortable journey through their own lives in the process.

One of the biggest things to stick with me right from the day I started my training at Sandhurst was its motto, “Serve to Lead”. It has been something I have tried to live by and have been inspired by many people over the years who embodied the motto in everything they did. I hope that the service I offer helps change the view of wellbeing for all walks of life, but especially the military veteran and serving communities.

Stealing Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle to briefly explain what I’m up to:

Why – Simplicity in Mind exists to promote an understanding of innate wellbeing that resides in all of us, in order to allow people to live happy, healthy, creative and productive lives, despite the nature of their life circumstances.

How – By highlighting the simple truths that lie at the heart of what makes all human being tick and pointing to an understanding focused on a clarity of mind that is always available to us.

What – By delivering mental wellbeing training and coaching to groups and individuals that empower them to support themselves, their families and their colleagues.

The driver for me with this work is to help reduce veteran suicide and has been the focus of my efforts for the last 3 years on a part time basis. The lessons I have learned from helping people on the edge of existence have just as much relevance in the boardroom, within team dynamics and the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life. That is why I have taken the step to make Simplicity in Mind a full-time venture.

My intent is to deliver bespoke services to corporate and private clients in the knowledge that by buying a service from me they will also be assisting the veteran community through my pro bono work; a corporate social responsibility pay-it-forward if you will (and something I am happy to quantify if organisations want to add it to their CSR Reports).

Inline with my desire to assist the military community, Simplicity in Mind has made a pledge to the Armed Forces Covenant. The pledge has been accepted and I was delighted that an old friend, Lt Col Andy Boardman, Commanding Officer of 3 RIFLES, was able to co-sign it as the MoD’s representative.

My ask of you. If you think any of this sounds interesting for yourself, your organisation or your friends please get in touch. I hope to be able to do my part to change the narrative of mental wellbeing in the veteran community and to do that by helping bring a different understanding of wellbeing to as many people as I can on the way.

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone could change the world.” Sydney Banks


Simplicity in Mind Armed Forces Covenant Pledge

20210826-SiM-Armed Froces Covenant (Co-signed 3 RIFLES)
Download PDF • 1.04MB

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